Wednesday November 29 , 2023

About FayFun

Singapore Chinese Students faces many challenges when they are learning Chinese Language. As a Chinese teacher, I am constantly looking for a way to complement the Chinese language learning in Singapore Primary School Education. There are 3 important aspects for a child to be good and score well in a language,

1) Learners have an interest towards the language.

2) Worksheets and Activities are at learners’ level of standard.

3) Answering Question Strategies and Confident level.

With this as our main focus, Fay Fun Chinese Resource Website was created. Comprehension Worksheets, Oral and Listening Comprehension at are set at different level to suit the different standard of each child, the Subscription Plan is for parents to download more such level of worksheets to let your child complete by themselves. This is to build confident in answering questions and get better results. The Chinese Card Games designed by school teacher is to create fun and friendly environment in learning Chinese language.

It is important to start preparing your child’s early for PSLE Chinese. Let us be your learning partner and to achieve good grades for your child’s Chinese in PSLE.


第一, 对语言有兴趣

第二, 使用适合孩子程度的理解问卷

第三, 回答技巧,建立信心。




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