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About the Founder

Ms Ng Shao Fei graduated in National Institute of Education (Diploma in Chinese Education), National Technology of University in 2001. She loves music and Chinese Language. She was teaching Chinese language at Concord Primary School from 2001-2006, Primary One to Primary Six.

She founded Fay Fun Edu in September 2006, “Fay” is her name, and “Fun” is making Chinese Fun and Alive. Its objective is to create fun and lively environment for students to learn Chinese Language at home and in school, while at the same time,reduce the workload of making the teaching resources for school teachers, educators and parents. By teaching Chinese Language using interactive game activities, she hopes to keep in our younger generation the interest and passion for learning Chinese language.

She created Fay Fun Chinese Resource Website in 2010 Jan, as a one stop Chinese resource for P1-P6 students.

She is the designer of Chinese Education products “Idioms Puzzle Card Game ” by Fay Fun Edu, and published “Pinyin Mix and Match”designed by school teacher, and co-designer for “Fun with Chinese level I” and “Fun with Chinese level II” by Creaworld International.




她也设计了适合小学生使用的《成语大比拼》游戏卡和由学校老师设计的《拼音大比拼》-非凡教育公司出版,以及设计了《配词乐(一)》和《配词乐(二)》,由Creaworld International 出版。


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