Tuesday November 29 , 2022

Fay Fun Services

1)Fay Fun Chinese Resource Website

a) Fay Fun Chinese Resource Website is a one stop Chinese Resources Website for students studying Chinese Language in Singapore. All our resources and worksheets are always updated to be in-line with the latest Chinese syllabus set by the Ministry of Education (MOE).


b) We have free download of Chinese Comprehension, Chinese Oral Reading Passage with Audio file, Listening Comprehension with Audio file, Composition sentences and many other Chinese Resources for Primary 1- 6.

非凡华文学习网让您免费下载适合小一至小六的理解练习,阅读口试+录音, 听力理解+录音,作文句子和其他华文资料。

c) We offer 1-month, 6-months, and 12-months subscription to download more of the worksheets.


2)Fay Fun Chinese Education Products

The “Idioms Puzzle Game”, “Pinyin Mix and Match ”,”Fun with Learning 1” and “Fun with Learning 2” Board Games are to create fun and stimulating environment for learning Chinese , and to reinforce the Chinese vocabulary learn in school.


3) Fay Fun Workshop and Seminars

a) For parents, we have the latest updates of the PSLE changes, Chinese Educational Articles and Press Reports. We will also organize Seminars and Workshops for Teaching and Learning Chinese.

b)For students, apart from the worksheets, we have Chinese Programs and Enrichments, Learning Workshop and Seminars, Competition and Contest to engage them in more learning.




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