Tuesday November 29 , 2022

How to Play

Method 1
1. Each Player takes turn to throw the dice. The player with the highest score starts the games in a clockwise direction.

2. Each Player draws 6 word cards and arranged them neatly on the table.
3. Player to match 2 or 3 word cards from his own set of cards to form a phrase or vocabulary.
4. The points of the word cards used are added up to form the score of the phase. Player then advances the spaces on the board according to this score and follows the instructions on the spaces accordingly.
5. If any player is unable to match any word card with his existing 6 cards, he may exchange up to 4 cards at a time with the pool of reserved cards. He will miss his turn in the current round.
6. The used cards are discarded at the side of the game board and may be reshuffled and reused if there are insufficient cards in the reserved pool.
7. The player who completes the board game first will win the game.

Method 2
1. A player shuffles the stack of cards and draw 16 of them to arrange neatly on the table.

2. Each player takes turn to form 2 or 3-word phrase or vocabulary.
3. The drawn cards are immediately replaced with new ones after each player has his turn.
4. The game proceeds according to the score of each phrase.
5. The player who completes the board game first will win the game.
Note: Fun with Chinese Level II has the same playing method.

Fun with Chinese I配词乐(一) Fun With Chinese II配词乐(二)
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