Tuesday November 29 , 2022

Fay Fun Chinese Resource Website Terms and Conditions

  1. User is to sign up as member to be entitled to download the worksheets and Chinese exam paper free-of-charge. Login and password will be email to you.
  2. User has a choice to make 1mth, 6mths or 12mths subscription.
    1. VIP members who sign up 1mth subscription is not able to renew 1mth, but to upgrade to 6mth or 12mths subscription.
    2. VIP members who sign up 6mths or 12 mths subscription is not able to renew 1mth subscription, but to renew 6mths or 12mths subscription.
  3. Login user ID and password is to be kept personal and confidential. Anyone who is found to misuse the login user ID and Password, the Chinese Resource Website Administrator has the right to suspend or terminated the account members and no refund will be made.