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Why Fay Fun?

All the Comprehension Worksheets and Resources are set and collated by Ms Ng Shao Fei,who was a Chinese teacher and had 5 years teaching experience in primary school and currently a freelance Chinese tutor. With this, she is familiar with the Chinese syllabus set by MOE and able to set relevant, up to date Chinese exam based worksheets.

Ms Ng Shao Fei designed Chinese Educational card games to help children to learn Chinese in a fun and interactive way, she yearn to keep in our young generation the interest and passion for learning Chinese language.

Oral, Listening comprehension, Worksheet practice are band by level, so that your child can revise and practice on the worksheets according to his/her standard and ability. With these banding worksheets, your child can manage and complete the questions independently or with minimum help to build up confident and interest so that he/she make an improvement in learning and answering questions. (As you can't always depend on your Chinese tutor.)

How to read the level chart

a)The worksheets are band according to level 1- 12

Level Means
Level 1 Primary 1-easy Level 7 Primary 4-moderate
Level 2 Primary 1-difficult Level 8 Primary 4-difficult
Level 3 Primary 2-easy Level 9 Primary 5-moderate
Level 4 Primary 2-difficult Level 10 Primary 5-difficult
Level 5 Primary 3-easy Level 11 Primary 6-moderate
Level 6 Primary 3-difficult Level 12 Primary 6-difficult

We are the 1st website to enable you to free download oral, listening comprehension questions with audio file included. This recording can be a guide for your child to check on his/her pronunciation, and improve on the listening skills and answering questions. As oral and listening comprehension make up 35% of PSLE Chinese grade, so it is very important to start early and have consistent practice.











If you do not have a Chinese tutor or need help in marking your child comprehension questions, you can scan the completed worksheet and email to me, I will mark the question,scan and email you the worksheet with the marks.







"My girl has started playing with the cards since she received it. She is still playing with it as per last night. She can strengthen her hanyu pinyin with cards. She started to learn the Chinese Idioms she played with her cousins during a family trip overseas. The cards are pretty handy and the games are easy to play. My niece at the age of 13 enjoy the games, thanks for developing the games and hope that you can innovate more such games."

David Sher daughter Sher Yuan 6 2008

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